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Hello, my name is Lindsay and I am the graphic designer and owner of Gilove2dance Designs.  In the winter of 2015, I started preparing for my trip to Normandy, France for the Band of Brothers reunion in the beginning of June.  I was a seasoned Comic Con goer, I knew that at conventions actors usually have 8×10 headshots to sign that are included in the price of autographs.  However, I knew this wouldn’t be like that.  And so I got an idea.  I decided to make 8×10 pictures showcasing each character.  Originally 20 of the actors were slotted to appear in Normandy, but by the time I got there, only thirteen where able to go…but I had already made the collages.

In Normandy, the 8×10 pictures were received better then I could have hoped for.  People in line were genuinely interested and were asking me if they could buy some from me.  And that planted a seed of an idea in my head.  I had spent a long time working on these and there is NOT enough Band of Brothers merchandise in the world.  Then, the actors saw them.  I was blown away by their reactions.  Some were taking pictures of them while others were pointing out pictures to the guy beside them.  James Madio wanted to take his home.  Frank John Hughes told me they were better then anything HBO had ever done.  Wow.  And poor Ross McCall signed eleven copies over four days and was still smiling at it by the end.

So, I decided to open this store.  It will continue to grow as I keep making more for the rest of the men.  I will be adding new products: new prints, button pins and possibly other franchise graphics.  I love Band of Brothers with all my heart.  I want to share my love with everyone.  I want people to be able to display their appreciation of the series.  These characters are portrayals of real men.  Real men who were extraordinary.  They deserve to be part of conversations. And if a piece of wall art can start that conversation, then that makes my heart happy.

This store is in no way affiliated with HBO, Playtone or Dreamworks or anyone involved with those companies.